I’m convinced human resources is going to play an increasingly pivotal role in brand identity going forward.

Why? We’re heading toward a post-digital world, and they hire the talent. And some sources aren’t convinced HR is ready for the digital transformation that’s coming, at least not yet.

Not even the biggest brands have a handle on digital, according to University of Southern California professor Jeffrey Cole in an insightful Q&A posted recently on CMO.com.

hr-hinds-human-resources-keyboard“Almost everybody is nervous about digital media,” Prof. Cole says. “Nobody thinks they have a grasp on it. Even the companies that use it really well, such as Nike, American Express, and Coca-Cola, think they’re behind. Nobody is comfortable because there’s so much to learn, and it moves so quickly.”

I think some of the angst in this area is due to the fact that we’re heading – fast – toward a post-digital existence, which writer David Chaffey explains here. You’ve got to scroll, but Chaffey says a post-digital world is “where the use of digital media and technology in marketing has become so ubiquitous we no longer complete separate ‘digital marketing activities’ since they should be fully integrated and simply part of marketing.”

In other words, no silos. Traditional marketing isn’t over here, and digital is over there, and social is somewhere down the hall. Sure, there are disciplines (for now, anyway), but the end goal is to craft the brand identity and promise and tell its story across the channels where the target audience congregates.

And sure, there are a LOT of digital channels today – hence the angst. But that’s where the hiring process is crucial: Finding the leadership talent not only with the strategic acumen to position a brand but an innate understanding of that post-digital world, along with the ability to build and integrate a team with the skills to be effective.


clock-clip-art-dcrakazc9When it comes to building one’s personal brand, time is the key resource. Because using your time wisely leads to knowledge, and knowledge provides insight.

Today has 24 hours – 1,440 minutes. You can redeem that time any way you like.

What’s the one thing you’re going to learn today that will translate to the insight necessary to build your brand? In other words, how do you want to be perceived?

There are lots of self-help resources available, lots of formulas to help you learn more despite the fact that our schedules are more packed than ever. Try this Inc. article about Benjamin Franklin’s five-hour rule, for example.

But to me, it’s better to be simple. Focus on that one thing, that one nugget of information that leads to insight, and then apply it with the express idea that that insight reflects your values.

It’s not that hard. You have a world of content at your fingertips, thanks to the web and social media, not to mention print. I read WSJ, USA Today and the Chicago Tribune faithfully, not necessarily for the news, but the analysis, which is a crucial piece of my personal brand. I’m also on Feedly, BuzzFeed and Flipboard for the same reasons. But remember, you can also gain a lot of insight from just being observant of what’s going on around you.

Our lives are frenetic because there never seems to be enough time. But focusing on one thing takes away the pressure of setting aside time to do it.


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