The All-Bran Tweet Shop: Fusing Taste, Marketing and Social Media to Build a Brand

by Gregg on March 9, 2013

Now, here’s an idea I just love because it fuses taste, marketing and social media to build a brand.

Wrapping up a three-day run today in Toronto’s Eaton Centre was the All-Bran Tweet Shop, hosted by Kellogg Canada, which launched the brand-new Kellogg’s All-Bran Cranberries & Clusters cereal. According to this post by GigaMom blogger Eileen Fisher, the concept was simple – show up at the Eaton Centre, visit the attractively designed All-Bran Tweet Shop, try a sample and make a post using the hashtag #AllBranTweetShop, either using your phone or on-site tablets. That entitled you to a free full-size box of cereal.

I like bran. I like cranberries. I like clusters. But I love savvy marketing and PR that builds brands, which is exactly what this was. It was promoted as Canada’s very first Tweet Shop. And frankly, that’s a lot like what Jim Nowakowski from Interline Creative Group here in Chicago said in his blog post yesterday about getting in the door with customers. And if you haven’t got a door, go through a window.

Or, in this case, build a Tweet Shop and get them to use their social media posts as currency. The point is, find a way to connect.

But to me, there’s more than one social media angle here. Follow the bouncing ball.

I found out about this idea yesterday morning when I was on LinkedIn; Samantha Esteves from VerdiBleu in Toronto made a discussion post on the Business Branding Network (BBN) Group about it. As a member, it caught my attention, so we connected and she sent me Eileen’s post. This morning, I found out that a Twitter connection of mine, Catherine Heroux from Strategic Objectives, was heavily involved in planning this event.

This world we live in is sometimes so incredibly small, it’s crazy. Catherine and I got talking about the event, the thinking behind it and the traffic the Tweet Shop was getting today, which was a lot. If you want proof, search #AllBranTweetShop on Twitter. Then, type All-Bran Tweet Shop into Google and check out the coverage – and not just of the news release.

"Kellogg’s All-Bran Cranberries & Clusters cereal is an innovative new product and we wanted to launch it to consumers in an equally innovative way," said Andrew Loucks, VP of Marketing for Kellogg Canada. "The All-Bran Tweet Shop, Canada’s first-ever Tweet Shop, is a unique way to both engage consumers with the brand and give them the opportunity to share their experience with their social networks.

"The Shop also provides us with the opportunity to connect with consumers both online and offline," he said. "Canadians spend an average of 7.7 hours each month on social networking sites. Research also shows that about 20 percent of online Canadians use Twitter. At the All-Bran Tweet Shop visitors simply have to Tweet using #AllBranTweetShop. And, if they don’t have a Twitter account? No problem. Posting a message on Facebook is the alternate currency accepted to ‘purchase’ a full-size box of the new cereal."

I like the use of social media posts as currency, because it adds a unique value to the event that’s quantifiable after it’s over to gauge how successful it was. But just as important is what all those visitors will say afterward, verbally or virtually, along with people like me who couldn’t be there.

Maybe we should call that earned interest on all that currency.

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