Hiring for Brown Shorts: The Brand as Part of the Hiring Process

October 13, 2013

For the three-plus years I’ve written this blog, the whole premise has been one simple idea, taken from the writings of Marty Neumeier: A brand isn’t what you say it is – it’s what they say it is … they being customers, supporters and the like. But remember, a brand is backed by people, and […]

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NU Hoops Coach’s Leadership, Brand Game Plan Eminently Applicable

September 29, 2013

Great Chicago Confidential column this morning by Melissa Harris, who wrote about Chris Collins, the new men’s basketball coach at Northwestern University in Evanston. He addressed the Turnaround Management Association‘s Chicago/Midwest Chapter this past week, an organization dedicated to corporate renewal and turnaround management. An interesting choice Collins, since he’s never been a head coach […]

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Book Review: Winning the Story Wars

August 22, 2013

I met with my buddy Mike Carrozzo at a Panera on a recent Saturday morning to talk shop, sports and other topics. He brought along the book Winning the Story Wars, by Jonah Sachs. Got to tell you, Mike, good share. Sachs’ premise is that it’s your STORY that matters when building a memorable brand […]

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Has Cover Photo Choice Damaged Rolling Stone’s Brand?

August 3, 2013

Did Rolling Stone magazine’s brand take a hit by putting the surviving Boston Marathon bomber on the cover of its August 1 issue? Or, did it make sense, to draw attention to the story and hence what I view as its key premise – that there may be more youths than we think who are […]

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The Men’s Wearhouse Brand: Heart vs. Head, and What’s Next

July 4, 2013

I’ve been thinking about George Zimmer for a couple of weeks now. More specifically, how he must feel. Zimmer launched clothier Men’s Wearhouse in Houston in 1973, and today, it boasts 1,143 stores and revenue of $2.5 billion, according to Forbes. But perhaps most important to the Men’s Wearhouse brand was Zimmer himself, and his […]

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My ‘So Moment’ and How It’s Affecting My Personal Brand

June 8, 2013

Ever notice these days how people are using the word “so” to start off a sentence? Doesn’t matter if I’m in a meeting, talking with friends, or even walking down the streets of my city (Chicago). “So, what we’re faced right now is…” or “So, to tell you the truth…” I call them “So Moments” […]

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Thoughts on Achieving “Amazing” Through Persistence

May 25, 2013

Seth Godin had a really brief but impactful blog post this week that’s worth a little dissecting. It’s literally about 100 words, but the premise is simple: There’s a Point A and a Point B when it comes to going from concept to what he calls “amazing”. “Of course, the only path to amazing runs […]

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Redskins Nickname Change More Than a Brand Issue

May 11, 2013

This is probably going to make some people mad, but here goes. The Washington Redskins need to change their team nickname to something less offensive. I know that change would be unpopular with Washington’s fans. I know it would be really expensive. I know team owner Daniel Snyder has vowed to “NEVER” (his caps, not […]

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The Heavy Lifting of Brand Building and Team Leadership

April 28, 2013

David Meerman Scott, one of people I look up to professionally, said to think about social media as a big cocktail party, where you float from one conversation to another. I’d add that for many of us, what you pick up from those conversations shapes your world view in ways that weren’t possible 10 years […]

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Yet Another Example of Brands Behaving Badly

April 14, 2013

Some brands just don’t "get it," so to speak. There’s a fine line between marketing and darn near stalking. Choose the latter, and it’s to the peril of your brand perception. Here’s an example from my life. A year ago this month, I bought a new car, and it’s been a great investment. The car […]

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